Things Every Bedroom Should Have

When looking to throw a bedroom together, there are a few things you should have. These things will allow you to create the best sort of room possible, and you’ll be able to create a room with anything from faux panels, to even some fancy wallpaper. Keep these all in mind, and you’ll soon be destined for success.


The first, is a theme. Now, this theme isn’t just choosing the same faux panels and the same two colors, but instead, create a sort of type of description for your home that is befitting of this.  Start to look at the type of lifestyle you want to have and determine how you’re going to create the room that you want.


Do you want a sea theme? Well maybe put up some white or off-white faux panels, and then decorate it with sea-type items to create the best sort of façade for your space. When creating a room, this is something you do need, and something that can make a difference.


The next thing, is a flavor that you want to have.  Keep personal items in there.  Now, that doesn’t mean you have to stack the room with a wall of pictures of your late mother or something, but create some mementos and then put them in a fitting place. If you do collect items, you should put some out and about as well. This is a great way to create a room that’s perfect for you.


Then there are pillows. Pillows are something you need a lot of, and something that can really brighten up a room. They can turn any bed into a great looking place and it can transform any drab location. When you’re looking to really fluff up a bed and make it bigger, pillows are where it’s at.


Then there are sitting areas.  Don’t just make the bed a sitting area, but instead, consult other parts of the room, places where you can put in a chaise lounge and the like. This is also a great sort of place to put in any other sorts of personal and romantic sitting areas, and this can be a great place for a couple’s night.


Finally, get rid of technology. Get rid of the computers, the televisions, the like. Keep those in the living room. The bedroom is a place to do just that, go to bed, and if you’re dependent on technology that you have it holding onto you like a vice grip, you won’t be happy. Instead, get some of that stuff out, and instead, create a room of tranquility for yourself.

These items are some of the best to have in every bedroom, and if you put these in there, you’ll be able to create the best and prettiest room that you possibly can, and you’ll be able to create the best room possible for yourself, and for others as well, for this can definitely be used in multiple rooms for great success.


Faux Stone Panels – Features and Benefits

Faux Stones for Home DecorationStone, for home decoration, is the option that every owner or designer prefer to choose in order to make the place adorably stylish. Stones do not only bring style and lavishness in design but they also develop a sensation of coziness and warmness to make the home a better place for relaxation. When installed on the exterior or a house, stones attract the sights of visitors and guests. Hence, if you want people to think about your status in a positive way, you can install stones on the exterior of your house.


Although stone is the ultimate option for home decoration but you might not like to use it once you would know about the cost. Home decoration with stone costs you money on every stage, i.e. purchasing the stone, reshaping and hiring the labor for application of stone. There is, nevertheless, a solution that you will surely like to apply and that is the use of faux stone panels. Faux stone panels are highly preferred among the home designers for a number of reasons which include the ability of faux stone to imitate the real stones, durability and cost.

Faux stone panels are made from polyurethane and to make them reflect the color patterns of real stones, iron pigments are used in the solution. These panels are designed and then grained so perfectly that it becomes hard to tell the difference once it is ready.

Since the faux stone panels are made from polyurethane, there is no chance that these panels will decay like the real stones do. To make the durability of these panels intact, the faux stone panels are thoroughly processed in order to make them resist fire and severe harsh weather changes. Once ready, the faux stone panels do not only protect themselves against the hostile factors but also protect the walls they are installed on.

Faux stone panels take incredibly less time for installation. As mentioned earlier, the real stones need to be cut, reshaped and then handled only by the professional labor. It implies that the cost of labor for decoration with real stone is too high. With faux stone panels, you might not need any labor for installation if you have a knowhow about the carpentry basics.

With all the features and benefits, faux stone panels are still very cheap and may cost only a small portion of price which is required for the real stones. From purchase to application, you will find these panels saving you the crucial money.

Step by Step Guide to Install Paver

If you are looking to install pavers in the yard, paving stones are probably the best choice you can consider. These stone are not only reliable and long lasting but they also offer you the customization which you can do to make the paver design as prominent as you want.

Installation of these stone is easy and it can be done in a few simple steps. Those steps are as under.

Stage 1: Planning and Materials

  • Every intended process starts with a plan. To plan your paver project, you need a drawing paper that would be used for drawing the complete picture of pavers’ installation project. Choose the area that would offer downward slope from the home’s wall. It is essential for necessary drainage to keep the paver undamaged for a long time. A slope of ¼ inch per linear foot is considered ideal in this regard.


  • Before you further proceed with the project, ask local utilities companies to run a check to find whether the power, gas or phone lines pass through the area where you want to install the pavers.


  • As mentioned above, concrete paving material is the best choice due to its durability. Good thing is that these materials come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. You can order for the one according to your choice. Since the paver installation is a planned project as it requires proper calculation of the area beforehand, you can do exact math regarding how many bricks are going to be used.


  • Use a garden hose for outlining the area. Hammer a number of equal-sized stakes at the sides and corners, exactly upon the planned area’s outline.


  • Paver, with risk of water pooling upon it, is usually prone to serious damages. Therefore, the paver should be installed in a way that its surface would be above the lawn’s ground level. Moreover, it should be constructed to form a slight slope from house wall towards the other part of lawn. Tie strings with stakes to define the level and slope.


Space Evacuation

  • 5 – 6” of base material is needed for the normal lawn ground. However, driveways and ground with wet soil need 12” of base material. It is worth mentioning here that space evacuation needs to be done after calculating sum of thickness of concrete layer, sand layer and the thickness of paving material.


  • Crushed stones of irregular sharp edges are perfect to be used as base material. After compacting, this material remains strong and offers necessary drainage.


  • To lay the base, add base material in the area up to 6” thickness. Use a hand tamper or mechanical plate compactor in order to compact the base. Compaction should be done to level any bumps and dints in the area.


  • After the base material is ready to hold other materials, it’s time to install the edge restraints. Edge restraints are usually made of plastic, steel or aluminum. These restraints can be secured with the help of 12” spikes.


  • Put in 5-inch thick layer of sand across the area.

Paver Installation

  • Start filling the area with pavers. The best trick to do this task is to add pavers’ lines parallel to the length of the area. Start by laying the pavers along the longer straight side. Upon completion of first line, start the second line by combining pavers to the first line.


  • Use masonry saw to cut the pavers to fill the vacant edges along the sides of the area.


  • Once all the pavers are set, tamp the pavers by using a plate compacter.


  • Paver sealer products are available in the market. Get one and use it to seal the pavers for further consolidation.


  • Pour coarse sand on the paver and sweep it until it settles down in the gaps and cracks.


That’s it.  All done. However if you find it difficult and you are in Flordia, you can contact any Brick Pavers Tampa service to get it done.

Home Remodeling Ideas

With the current fall in real estate market, many people seem to have postponed the idea of selling their homes. Nevertheless, this situation has provided homeowners with best opportunity to remodel their homes and sell them once the market gets stable.

This course of action in current scenario is definitely going to benefit the home owners by increasing their homes’ value in an unwavering market.

Hence, your main concern should be about adding value to your home. There are some guidelines to help you with that.

  1. Kitchen Remodeling

One of the most important steps in a home improvement project is remodeling the kitchen. Most of the people consider kitchen as the main part of home. However, it doesn’t mean that you should make your kitchen swankier as compared to rest of the house. Here are some considerations for kitchen remodeling.

    Home Remodeling

  • Building a deluxe kitchen can be worst idea if you are planning to add value to your home. Bringing too much of lavishness in kitchen as compared to rest of the house makes the overall home’s structure and design to look awkward.
  • Since kitchen remodeling can be hurtful for your budget, you can save money by relying on wall painting in the visible areas.
  • When it comes to equipping the kitchen with appliances, it is imperative to go for energy-saving and eco environment friendly kitchen appliances. It may cost a bit extra but this is the best investment to make in kitchen remodeling.

Kitchen remodeling demands huge expenditure but you can keep it under control by defining the limits.

  1. Addition of New Bathroom

The value of home also depends upon the number of bathrooms it has. One bathroom in a home is insufficient; so you might need adding another one. For this, try to find out extra space in the rooms. Normally the closets cover reasonable space. Getting them removed might save you enough space to build a bathroom. Moreover, area under the stairs can also be utilized in this concern.

  1. Room Reinvention

Reinvention of rooms involves two major aspects. One is to add extra space to existing room. And the second one is to finish an attic or basement to make a bedroom of it. Adding extra footage can be undesirably expensive; therefore, latter seems to be the viable option to consider.
Home Remodeling Ideas

  1. Consider Energy Efficient Windows

High energy costs are always irritating. This is the reason that buyers look for the homes that promise them advantage in the form of energy efficiency. Keeping this aspect in mind, you can go for energy efficient windows which surely cut the costs of cooling or heating.

  1. Adding a Deck

Most of the people like to spend vacations at home. Therefore, if you want your home to be the best place for vacation, you can add a deck with the outdoor. Again, it’s a huge investment to make, but return on this investment would surely be above your expectations. To add more value, you can beautify your deck by decorating the shelter and putting chairs and tables under it.


To further enhance the resale value of your home, don’t forget to apply basic updates to your home. Basic updates include painting the indoor and outdoor, renewing the furniture and replacing decorative accessories with the new and modern ones.

It is imperative that you make a plan before home remodeling. If you are looking for professional in North Dakota, you may consider Fargo home remodeling.

Why I Love Faux Paneling

I am constantly looking for new ways to update my apartment without spending a lot of time or money. I have always loved the look of accent walls in living rooms (or really any room for that matter) so I started searching for the best option for my newest DIY project: putting an accent wall in my living room! That’s when a family friend told me about faux paneling! Faux paneling is made up of fake wood, stone or brick but looks just like the real thing! The advantages of using faux paneling are affordable prices, lightweight yet durable material, and easy installation and maintenance.


After doing some extensive research I decided to order my faux paneling from Faux Direct . They have the best prices and a really good quality product from what I saw. I decided to order some of their stone faux panels and give my living room a more rustic and homey feel! Faux Direct’s shipping was fast and because the panels are so lightweight, I had no problem carrying them into my living room and lifting them as I put them in. Installation took me a few hours and the only tools I needed were a screwdriver and screws, sandpaper, construction adhesive, a saw for custom cutting, and a caulking gun with color matched caulk.

I absolutely love the way the stone wall looks in my living room! I was worried when I first ordered them that you would be able to tell it was fake stone, but you can’t tell at all! The stone looks completely realistic and I keep getting a lot of compliments on how pretty it looks! I’m so glad I decided to order faux paneling for my home, now I want to do more rooms in my apartment!

Another thing I love about my stone faux panels is how easy they are to maintain. Whenever something gets on them all I need to do to clean them is take a wet rag and soapy water and wipe them off! That’s it! I also read on Faux Direct’s website that their panels are completely water proof and weather proof as well as UV resistant, making them perfect for both indoor or outdoor use! Since I have an apartment I wouldn’t be able to use these outside but I think it would be a great DIY project for homeowners to add some of the stone faux panels to the exterior of their house!

Go to to order some faux stone panels for your home! I’m sure you’ll love them like I do!

How to Use Wood Paneling for Walls

Log cabins and charming farmhouses are warm and inviting homes that are also timeless and chic. However, transforming your home into the log cabin you’ve always dreamed of can be time consuming and very expensive. Want to give your home a rustic, country feel without spending a lot of money?

You should try out wood paneling for walls! Wood paneling for walls is significantly cheaper than real wood, and will save you enough money to add more updates to your home! It’s also a lot lighter than real wood, resulting in less installation time and fewer workers needed! One of the best up and coming companies to buy your wood paneling for walls from is Faux Direct . They have good quality products and the best prices on the market today. They deal directly with the suppliers, enabling them to provide the lowest possible pricing options. Their wood paneling is offered in two colors, Walnut and Shadow Gray.

Wood Paneling for Walls
If you have any questions or concerns when selecting your wood paneling for walls, their easy to navigate website should have all the answers to your questions! They have an informative FAQ section as well as thorough installation instructions on their website. If you’re still stuck, their customer service department will be happy to help you as your prepare to install your faux panels.

Once you receive your faux panels, it will only take you a few hours to put them in. Installation is simple and will require only a few basic tools and supplies.  Once your faux panels are installed, your work is done! Another advantage of using wood paneling for walls is there is little to no maintenance required from you. Their polyurethane material is highly durable, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

They are completely weather proof and mold, rot, mildew and termite resistant, ensuring you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. If your faux panels do get dirty for whatever reason, usually all it takes to clean them up is a wet rag and soapy water! That’s it! Making the switch from real wood to faux panels means you’ll spend less time cleaning and protecting your walls and more time doing what you love!

It’s time to stop dreaming of the log home you’ve always wanted and start making it a reality! Check out Mirkwood Pecky Cypress Grain Panel today and give wood paneling for walls a try! We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

Interior Wood Paneling To Wow Your Guests

The utilization of wood paneling for interior design has been around for centuries and is an American classic.  There is something about the way wood paneling makes you feel when you enter a home; as if you are stepping into a sliver of history or being transported to a different place and time.  Adding interior wood paneling to your home may be the perfect way to spruce up your decor and wow your guests.

Interior Wood Paneling

A home is meant to be lived in, and most people love to open up their homes to others.  At our house we like our guests to feel that they are always welcome and what is ours is theirs.  We have a revolving door policy, and basically anyone is welcome to come in and out as they please.  The one thing our guests are constantly telling us when they come and go is how unique and rustic our house feels.  It makes them feel comfortable and cozy and they are always asking us if we spent a fortune on our interior.

I’ll let you in on a little secret; we owe it all to the Mirkwood Pecky Cyprus Grain faux paneling from  Many people shy away from home makeovers because they are afraid of the labor they entail and not to mention the bill.  The amazing thing about faux paneling is that you get the same look and feel that you do with authentic wood, except that it does not include the associated high costs and labor.  The interior wood paneling from is extremely lightweight and easy to apply on your own.  The installation process can be done in a single afternoon and no heavy machinery or special tools are required to get the job done.  Neither is sticky, messy wood glue.

All of the panels are made in the USA and resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, rot, and termites.  They are made to last for many years, and do not have typical upkeep required of traditional authentic wood.  Production and shipping normally takes between 3-5 business days, and they have an extremely friendly customer service team that can answer any questions you may have.  Interior wood paneling does not have to be intimidating nor does it have to be expensive.  Faux panels are the ideal way to take a normal room and transform it into something completely different in a quick and inexpensive fashion.

DIY Wood Paneling Ideas

Are you looking for a way to spruce up the interior of your home?  Or maybe even the exterior?  Wood paneling is an amazing way to add that unique touch of character you are going for.  There are so many wood paneling ideas out there.  It doesn’t take long when flipping through a Southern Living or Coastal Living that you will come across beautiful interiors where they clearly used wood paneling.  However, just because you want to do a renovation does not mean it has to be extremely expensive.  I am going to give you some DIY wood paneling ideas that you and your family can do in a single afternoon together.

DIY Wood Paneling Ideas is an online retailer of faux panels.  Do not be turned off by the word ‘faux’.  Although the wood panels are not real wood, they look and feel the same.  The benefits to using faux panels is that there are no associated expensive material or labor costs involved.  They are extremely lightweight and straightforward to assemble, so you can install them yourself in no time. They are designed to withstand the effects of weather, both hot and cold, so you can even use them outdoors.  They are also mold, rot, mildew, and termite resistant.

Use faux wood paneling to line the walls leading up the staircase for a unique touch.  You could also do an accent wall in a bedroom or living room behind your couch to give the room a warm and inviting feel.  The Mirkwood Pecky Cyprus Grain panels on come in both gray and walnut colored, and would be the perfect touch to give your home a rustic or country feel.  You could even use faux panels to line your ceiling and leave room for recessed lighting.  Another wood paneling idea would be to use it along the bottom half of a wall with chair rail separating it from the top half to give your home office a classy touch.  There are so many creative ways to use wood paneling.

By using faux panels you will be able to broaden your capabilities by allowing for more room in your budget and completing the application process yourself.  Your wallet will thank you and you will also feel so incredibly accomplished when it is all through.  Head to to choose from multiple faux paneling options to give your home that unique touch you are looking for.

DIY Project with Faux Wood Paneling for Walls

Have you ever had the urge to express your inner craftiness and complete a DIY project? Everyone has a crafty bone somewhere. For some, being crafty comes easily. For others, they have to dig down real deep in order to find that crafty bone. Either way, we all have the capability to do a DIY project to some extent. If you have ever watched even twelve minutes of HGTV, you have probably gotten this urge. An amazing DIY project is to cover a wall(s) in faux wood paneling. And the reason I say faux, is because of the following story.

Wood Paneling for Walls

My husband and I recently bought a foreclosure that needed some TLC. Not just a fresh paint job and a good mopping, but a complete transformation. Have you heard of terrazzo flooring? Some people say they are ‘coming back’. I beg to differ. If you do not know what these are, google them. It will give you a flashback of a skating rink circa 1970, complete with disco balls and bell bottoms. The house we bought was built in the 60’s, so lucky for us the entire thing was adorned in terrazzo. As much as we love an episode of That 70’s Show like anyone else, we did not care to live in it. Project number one involved installing wood floors. My husband ventured to install them all by himself. He ended up doing an amazing job, but vows he will never do such a thing again. It took a toll on his body, and the glue was extremely messy and expensive. We are planning to do a few accent walls in the house as well, one of them being wood. After knowing first hand how expensive and labor intensive working with authentic wood is, we will most certainly be using faux wood paneling.

Obviously faux wood paneling for walls cannot be utilized for flooring, but can be used to transform walls in your home; both interior and exterior. has a wide selection of faux paneling, including an amazing rustic wood paneling for walls called Mirkwood Pecky Cyprus Grain Panel. It comes in both gray and walnut, and can be used give your home a cozy log cabin feel. Use it indoor or out, as they are UV resistant and weatherproof. It is the perfect DIY project because the materials are lightweight and easy to assemble. Make it a fun family project that everyone can enjoy with zero expensive tools or equipment required. Express your inner craftiness with faux wood paneling for walls from

Transform a Room With Wood Paneling for Walls

Have you ever had the desire to transform a room in your house?  Not just with a new paint color.  I am talking transform, as in taking four boring walls and turning them into a magical wonderland.  Something so creative and different that would give that room an entirely new feel completely.  One way to do that is through the use of wood paneling for walls.  Imagine a library with rustic wood wall panels; talk about a unique conversation starter.  Or what about a single accent wall?  Maybe you have an outdoor patio that needs some sprucing up, you could even add wood paneling outside along the ceiling of the porch.  And who said the wood paneling for walls had to be expensive?  Did you know there are faux wood panels that look identical to authentic wood?  It is true. And they are amazing.

Wood Paneling for Walls is an online retailer offering all sorts of faux wall panels, including wood paneling. One specific wood paneling for walls they carry is called the Mirkwood Pecky Cyprus Grain Panel.  It comes in either grey or walnut, and gives off the look and feel of a cozy, rustic log cabin.  The best part is, however, you do not have the expensive cost associated with authentic wood.  You also do not have to deal with the messy wood glue, as these are extremely DIY and easy to install.  They are super lightweight, so you do not have to worry about throwing out the ole back while you are at it either.  If you wanted these for an exterior wall rather than an interior wall, they work great for outdoor use as well.  They are constructed from high quality polyethylene and are UV resistant as well as weatherproof.

One issue that people run into with authentic wood is that they do not hold up for long periods of time.  Wood often needs to be re-stained, and if exposed to moisture they can often be ruined.  In addition to being cost-effective, faux wood paneling for walls is an excellent alternative for this reason alone.  You can guarantee that your faux wood panels will look amazing for years to come.  Not only are they weatherproof and UV resistant, but they are also rot, mold, mildew, and termite resistant.  They come with a warrantee and are produced with the highest of quality standards.  Head to to search from multiple faux wall panels and transform a space in your house to create a dreamy escape right where you are.